Our Mission


" The policy at Queenstown CameraCompany is to provide the most up to date equipment available for hire "

Established in 2003 , Queenstown Camera Company has provided motion picture cameras and accessories for numerous film productions filming in Queenstown and the South Isalnd of New Zealand. An on-going purchasing program is ensuring the camera systems and lens list will increase to suit your requirements .

With the advent of digital cameras , the company has seen fit to aquire nine Arri Alexas

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The wait is over ......the Leica Summilux -C series lenses are here . After being on a waiting list for 3-4 years . We have taken delivery of 10 new lenses ranging form the 18mm to 100mm , to add to our ever growing inventory of high quality glass . Recent Academy award winner Emmanuel Lubezki was quoted as saying " I love the image qualities of those lenses , I love that you can be very closed focused . I love the weight. I love the way the lenses capture the quality of the actors' skin "

These are the only Leica Summilux-C lenses based in New Zealand. All lenses have a T- stop of 1.4 and unlike traditional lenses are designed to operate at their best when wide open . RI ecent

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Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speeds

The Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed lenses are here in New Zealand for rent /hire .They have a T stop of T1.5 allowing you to shoot in low light situations . The three lenses , 35mm , 50mm and 85mm , all T1.5 compliment the exiisting CP.2 set consisting of the 15mm / T2.9 and the 25mm/T2.1 . All the lenses have inter-changeable lens mounts allowing you to go from PL mount to canon mount depending on your requirements

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Adding to our already growing collection of Cooke lenses , we are proud to add the Cooke anamorphic/ i lenses . We have a set of five lenses , 32mm , 40mm , 50mm , 75mm and 100mm . The 25mm , 135mm and 65m will be following shortly.

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Queenstown Camera was the first to bring the Arri Alexa , the first to bring the Carbon Red Dragon and now we are proud to present the only Red Weapon Camera in the country .

A new smaller ergonomic design coupled with 16.5 stops of dynamic range and the ability to shoot in Apple's Pro Res codec , the camera has become a more versatile tool .

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